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    Life in Ministry

    Effective Christian ministry today requires broader understanding of world's religions.
    An integral part of fitness for ministry is a sense of God's call.
    After 9/11, Christians balance new realities of a pluralistic religious culture with old truths of the gospel.
    A desire among seminarians to broaden their political and social understanding is welcome.
    A unique perspective to the caregiving process in the midst of tragedy.
    Meet three individuals who felt the tug of God's calling.
    Literally thousands of men and women—visionaries, theologians, administrators, philanthropists and others—have invested their lives in the training and preparation of future pastors.
    A biblical exploration into living a meaningful life.
    A detour through graduate theological studies surprised Mark Buchanan.
    Author and Christian psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud honed his skills in Christian graduate school.
    Seminary helps a small church pastor make a difference.
    Social worker Kelli Hall refined her passion for serving needy children in Christian graduate school.
    A break for graduate school helps a missionary improve her theology and cultural understandings.
    Seminary leaves a significant mark on an Ivy League dean.
    Masters programs at Christian universities prepare students to excel in their fields of aptitude.
    Two seminary students share how they put their training to use in their everyday ministries.
    And other stories of Christian graduate education radically changing lives and careers.
    Supporting ministry leaders to face the mental health challenges of their difficult and lonely calling.
    Supporting the emotional and mental health of pastors.
    John Ortberg, Margaret Feinberg, and 15 other ministry leaders share the books that have shaped their lives and work.
    Letters from a pastor’s spouse, a pastor’s child, and a church board member on what they’ve learned about ministry life.
    Seminary researchers identified five key areas where pastors should pursue growth to establish healthy ministries.
    Which ones are you hiding from your church members?