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    Featured Seminary/Graduate School

    Preparing More Than Pastors

    Today's seminaries are geared for every type of student in any kind of ministry.

    The Lasting Impact of a Mentor's Support

    Mentoring can lead to lifelong friendships.

    Shepherding the Shepherds

    Supporting the emotional and mental health of pastors.

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    Leadership Journal

    Leadership Journal

    Reality Check: We're All Going to Pastor a Small Church

    Virtually every lead pastor will pastor a small church. At least for a while. Usually longer than we expect. Let's do it well.

    Gifted for Leadership

    Gifted for Leadership

    On the Road to Racial Reconciliation

    Valuing reconciliation is not the same as actively engaging in it.

    The Exchange

    The Exchange

    Amplifying Evangelism—The Future of Outreach and Mission

    When evangelism meets pluralism, what's the Christian to do?