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    Featured Seminary/Graduate School

    Pastors and Educators on the Real Value of Seminary

    Seminaries prepare future pastors for the reality of ministry.

    It Really Does Take a Village

    How mentored ministry programs give seminary students the necessary skills.

    Tools to Help the Hurting

    Author and Christian psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud honed his skills in Christian graduate school.

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    Leadership Journal

    Leadership Journal

    The Multi-Cultural Conundrum

    Even multiracial congregations tend to have white cultural values. Can we continue to cultivate truer diversity in the body of Christ?

    Gifted for Leadership

    Gifted for Leadership

    Leadership Without a Title

    We can learn from the influential life of Sarah Edwards.

    The Exchange

    The Exchange

    Who Do You Hang Out With?

    Church leaders must consider who Jesus spent time with and seek to follow his lead.