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    Featured Seminary/Graduate School

    A Matter of Priority

    How four students picked their seminaries.

    Building Your Faith Amid Busy Times

    Virtual classrooms, MP3s, even videoconferencing allow you to grow in your faith and skills through seminary or Christian graduate school from home.

    One Voice Among Many

    After 9/11, Christians balance new realities of a pluralistic religious culture with old truths of the gospel.

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    Leadership Journal

    Leadership Journal

    When Pastors Doubt

    A church’s discomfort with their leader’s doubt won’t change by this Sunday, but denying doubt isn’t the pastor’s only option.

    Gifted for Leadership

    Gifted for Leadership

    How to Find Truth in Harsh Feedback

    What to do when feedback is off-base, unfair, and poorly delivered.



    You Are How Much You Work

    Amazon, Google, and the troubling push for productivity at all costs.