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    Featured Seminary/Graduate School

    Men and Women Who Left Their Mark

    Literally thousands of men and women—visionaries, theologians, administrators, philanthropists and others—have invested their lives in the training and preparation of future pastors.

    Classroom vs. Computer: Can Distance Learning Provide Equal Education?

    How Christian institutions are creating consistency between online and on-campus courses.

    Recruiting, Relating, and Retaining

    How Christian institutions are helping Hispanic students from enrollment through graduation and beyond.

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    Leadership Journal

    Leadership Journal

    My First Sexuality Sermon

    Can I keep it biblical and interesting without becoming TOO interesting?

    Gifted for Leadership

    Gifted for Leadership

    Why Care About the Global Church?

    If for no other reason, it provides perspective and balance.



    Ministry, Underinflated

    What counts as a ministry cheat?