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    Featured Seminary/Graduate School

    Recruiting, Relating, and Retaining

    How Christian institutions are helping Hispanic students from enrollment through graduation and beyond.

    A Roadmap to the Right Fit

    Factors to consider when choosing a graduate theological institution.

    Are You Called to Ministry?

    An integral part of fitness for ministry is a sense of God's call.

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    Leadership Journal

    Leadership Journal

    Why Didn’t the Disciples Ask Jesus How to Measure Success?

    Would Jesus have responded to the question “how will we measure success” with anything less than a face-palm?

    Gifted for Leadership

    Gifted for Leadership

    My Depression Is Not Wasted

    What Gillian Marchenko learned when mental illness mixed with ministry

    The Exchange

    The Exchange

    Trends in Church Staffing: Executive and Campus Pastors

    Administrative tasks in growing churches need a focus person.