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    Education & Preparation

    Finding Your Calling

    Are You Called to Ministry?
    An integral part of fitness for ministry is a sense of God's call.
    Answering the Call
    So God's called you to ministry. What's next?

    Preparing for Pastoral Ministry

    The Pastoral Pursuit of Continuing Education
    The D.Min. degree may be one small step for a pastor, but it enables men and women to take a giant leap forward in ministry.
    Are Church Leaders Born or Made?
    How seminaries are addressing the challenges of training leaders.

    Selecting a Masters Program

    A Matter of Priority
    How four students picked their seminaries.
    Jumping Financial Hurdles
    For students pursuing theological degrees, the need is greater and the bar is higher, but so are the rewards.

    Trends in Higher Education

    How Seminaries Are Adapting for Financial Health
    Efficient, well-run institutions make education more affordable for students. But what happens in a tight economy?
    From the Classroom to the Streets
    Schools discuss the principles that guide their teaching on witnessing among Muslims and people of other faiths.