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    Trends in Higher Education

    Efficient, well-run institutions make education more affordable for students. But what happens in a tight economy?
    Schools discuss the principles that guide their teaching on witnessing among Muslims and people of other faiths.
    Respondents to a survey are at least agreed on one point: seminary education is different than it was 40 years ago.
    Implications for theological education.
    Ministry in the new millennium will offer enormous opportunities--and present incredible challenges. Are you prepared?
    How leaders are being prepared for the complexities of ministry in today's world.
    Over the last 25 years, seminaries have had to change everything—and stay the same.
    Five key seminary leaders define the purpose of a theological education—discussing how seminaries have evolved over the past five decades, their most critical challenges today, and the opportunities ahead.
    There is no longer a "typical" seminary student.
    How Christian institutions are helping Hispanic students from enrollment through graduation and beyond.
    How North American universities are adapting to attract, retain, and equip Hispanic students.
    The texts today's seminarians are reading.
    Seminaries are coming up with innovative ways to prepare students to minister in a changing world through a wide range of vocational callings.