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    Considering Distance Learning?

    8 questions to ask yourself when considering distance learning for your seminary education

    8 questions to consider when deciding on distance learning Are you considering distance learning? Here are eight questions to ask yourself as you make your decision.

    1. Do the benefits of distance learning outweigh the benefits of living on campus to complete a degree?

    2. Do I require live interaction with other students in order to learn most effectively or am I more adept at setting my own pace and becoming self motivated?

    3. Do I have the necessary technical equipment and operational skills to participate in the distance learning course I'm investigating?

    4. Do my long-range goals require an actual degree or will I be satisfied with non-degree courses for continuing education purposes?

    5. Are on-campus seminars required and how will that affect my schedule and budget?

    6. Do I have the budget necessary to complete a series of courses or an entire degree? Are there scholarships available which might apply to my area of study? What student loans are available and how will a student loan affect my budget?

    7. Does this course or degree program require a local mentor or proctor? Who might I ask to help me with this role?

    8. Does the degree or series of courses I'm looking at require a great deal of academic writing? If so, have I done well with previous writing assignments and am I capable of keeping up with high writing expectations?

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